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Maldives Blog

Maldives Blog

  • The Best Maldives Resorts for You

    Surrounded by its signature turquoise waters and fine white sand, the Maldives has become the dream destination for many. No other beauty can compare to the blues and greens ready to take your breath away. With more than 1,000 coral islands forming an archipelago, only 200 of those are inhabited and 80 of which are ... Read More »

  • Experience Unique Activities in Maldives

    The islands of the Maldives are simply amazing. The crystal clear waters, beautiful landscape, delicious food, and luxurious hotels all contribute to the wonder of the islands. But aside from marvelling at the beauty of Maldives, here are some unique activities that guests can partake in while staying in the Maldives. ... Read More »

  • Underwater Dining Experience of Maldives

    When someone says Maldives, the usual first image they think about is the white sand beaches of beautiful islands with crystal blue waters and overwater bungalows stretching out from the shore. They think about being able to open their door and jump right into the refreshing water for a swim. As much as staying above w... Read More »

  • Weather in Maldives

    Located at the equator, Maldives has two monsoonal seasons, the dry season during northeast monsoon and wet season or southwest monsoon. Generally, the weather in Maldives is dry and temperatures remain the same throughout the year whether it’s wet or dry season. You can expect 23°Cs to 31°Cs all year long which ma... Read More »

  • The 8 Best Things to Do in the Maldives

    Romantic water villas, sugary-white sand beaches, and luminous waters in lovely shades of blue—the Maldives is no doubt the stuff of dreams pulling well over a million visitors per year. Couples peg the Maldives for honeymoon destination, families for an unforgettable tropical getaway, and travellers in general as ... Read More »

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